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At Hosting King we don’t like to mess around. And that’s exactly the service we offer.
Have your Cloud Server up and running within 90 seconds and deliver your content almost instantly to your audience through our lightning fast CDN.

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Cloud VPS

A reliable and secure service is what we all want, right?

Worldwide locations with more than 100 different OS-Templates. Easy and fast upgrades, with minimal downtime. Self-healing hardware that quickly jumps in to save your data and websites if problems arise. These are just a few of the things you’ll get when you choose for your Cloud VPS needs.

Cloud VPS by Hosting King


Did you know speed impacts on conversion?

Speed up your website with hostingking CDN, we got more then 90 POP’s worldwide with 15 POP’s in Asia, we are the leading CDN provider with high quality traffic. We don’t charge for storage. Try our Content Delivery Network now for free!

CDN by Hosting King


Is your current hosting solution really up for the task?

Fast and reliable, that’s the service you’ll get with’s cloud hosting. We don’t play around like traditional hosting providers. We have multiple servers around the world. If any hardware fails, that server will fall out of the cloud and your site will come back online within seconds on new hardware. Automatically.

Cloud Hosting by Hosting King