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What do you get with Cloud VPS by Hostingking

Hostingking offers amazing and reliable Cloud VPS service for a great price. The service is built in a way that you only pay for what you use. If you’re expecting a spike in traffic you can get more resources with a single click, and downgrading afterwards is no problem at all. See what we can do for you down below. If this service is not entirely what you expect please contact our customer service to see what we can do for you. We also offer a 30-day money back period.

  • 100% Uptime Guarantee(*)

    Our service makes sure that your website is always online. Even during a reboot of the system your website will keep working due to the extensive resources we use. This is usually 99.99% but optionally there is a 100% uptime guarantee.

  • Instant Scalability

    As your needs grow, so too do the services we have available to meet your needs. And you won’t have to reboot. When you see those increases in traffic that make more storage capacity necessary, we’ll be ready, and you’ll have seamless service all the way.

  • 100 Operating Systems and Configurations

    Linux and Windows cloud servers are available, with 100 unique operating system templates. All are instantly available, and most services you’ll need are pre-installed. Whether it’s Apache, cPanel, or MySQL, you’ll enjoy the ease and versatility of use.

  • Your Favorite Control Panel

    With the many configuration options we offer you can also choose your favorite control panel for web server management. Even though you are using a different VPS service provider, you can still work in an environment that is familiar to you and your team.

  • Full Root Access

    For exoerienced teams we also offer full root access on your own Cloud Server. For specialised tasks you may need to have this capability. If you are not sure about using this yourself you can always ask our team of experienced server administrators.

  • Auto-healing

    Server downtimes cost businesses as much as $30 billion each year. Traditional servers are largely to blame for this, and with the recent influx of cloud services, you can make sure your business or website isn’t at risk. This means no loss in visitors, sales or productivity.

  • Worldwide Resources

    Over 100 instantly available operating system templates are at your fingertips. You’ll have the ability to launch from 24 different locations worldwide. also makes it easy to customize your cloud server for whatever need arises.

  • Great Support is there for you 24/7. We’ll listen to your problems, and find your solution quickly. Our Cloud Support Engineers will be with you every step of the way. We’ll help you plan your service, provide the support you need to launch, and be there for all of your management needs. Your experience will be easy and stress-free.

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