CDN CDN is a easy to use content delivery network specially built for startups, digital agencies and developers. We create a more reliable experience for your customers by accelerating your website, speed up your load times, all just will be faster.

How does Hostingking CDN work?

Well that’s easy you only need to set up an DNS record to our CDN platform and intergrate it to your website (there are plugins available for most known CMS like wordpress, etc) When all is set up the CDN will take your website static files and cache them on our woldwide network of servers. After this we deliver your content to the visitors of your website via the closest location to them, they will have a lightning fast experience every time they visit your website.

Network is the only provider who offers coverage like no other provider, we offer the most POP’s. Get access to over 51 POP’s worldwide in: America, Canada, Europe, West-Europe and Asia.


We offer a 14 day free trial for our CDN service.

We have easy pricing, we not charge different prices for each region, all regions have one clear price.
Monthly fee CDN $69 + $0.10 per GB traffic via CDN. (you can add as many zones/sites under 1 account)

CMS Intergrations

We have plugins for almost all CMS with step-by-step documentation. Setup is most times done in about 5 minutes. You can also make a custom install on your website or app. If you got any problems or need help with the setup, our support team is ready to help you.

Try our CDN for free

14 days of unlimited access and all features. See for yourself how our service will help you.